The company BEOMEX provides professional casting services casting by hand molding in green sand, by the gravitational shells of metal and centrifugal casting method. We produce single and small batch casting units weighing from 0.2 kg to 200 kg. In the production of castings we use our own or the customer’s foundry, and we make models on the basis of the drawings and designs. The metal melting process uses two induction furnaces: cap and tilting ones with a capacity of 300 kg. Castings are subjected to a process of blasting and cleaning. Raw castings are transferred to the warehouse, where they are subjected to quality control, and then transferred to roughing or finishing, depending on the type of realized production order. Below we present the methods we use in the casting :manufacturing:

I. Method into the chill gravity:

II. The centrifugal method:

III. The method for the manual green sand forming: