The BEOMEX Sp. z .o.o company has been operating on the market since 2003. During the first years transport systems for the mining industry .have been its main area of activity. The next step in the Company's strategy was to expand the business of castings from non-ferrous alloys, among others, bronze, brass and aluminum. Due to our experience we can offer our customers the castings that meet their expectations both in terms of quality and price. We specialize in castings from tin bronzes, lead, aluminum, and in particular silicon bronzes (BK331). We can also produce the castings in the form of shafts, bushings, rings, flat as well as complex shaped castings.

Adding to the casting production we develop activities in the field of industrial technology. Contacts and cooperation with many companies both domestic and abroad, knowledge, experience allow us to offer our customers appropriate technical solutions in the supply of materials, castings, parts and machinery for various industries. Our products are delivered to the following recipients:

We react flexibly to the needs of our customers adapting to the specifics of the current market. The scope of services, prices and terms is established with each client on individual terms. The main profile of our activity is the unit production, but the small-lot production can be performed on request.

We offer our clients: